Native English Expressions 3 – He is the apple of my eye

Now that this is the third time English expressions are unknown to Japanese people, I will introduce five expressions that are often used by native speakers in everyday conversation. This time we have prepared phrases that you can remember and use as they are, so please try using them as they are! Let’s go for the first time.

He is the apple of my eye.


 Meaning and usage

This sentence that seems to translate as “He is my apple.” Apple actually refers to the eyeball of the eye. In other words, an eyeball is essential for the eyes. Yes, so this expression is “You must be for me”.

Are you two together?
(Did you two get along?)

No, but he is the apple of my eye.
(I’m not a dating but an important person)

Of course, the subject can also be used in different words such as she.

 Related words

I like you the way you are.
(I like you as it is)

You are the only one that I think about.
(I only like you)

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I’m gonna play hooky!

Let’s ditch it! What should I say in English when I want to say?

 Meaning and usage

Hooky is a word meaning to crawl. You can use this expression when you want to avoid going to places you should go to, such as school or work.

I ’m not in mood to study today.
(I don’t feel like studying today)

Then let ’s play hooky today.
(Let’s skip today)

 That ’s good idea!

(How nice!)

Related words
Skip the class

Hang out

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I get myself across in English

It means that I can take myself to the other side in English → I can communicate in English. The nuance of being able to communicate using all the skills of speaking, writing, listening and reading.

 Meaning and usage

Meaning that “you can communicate in English”. Let’s use it like this.

Why do you study English?
(Why are you studying English?)

Because, I want to get myself across in English.
(I want to be able to communicate in English)

 Related words

English is not my first language, please excuse any mistakes.
(English is not the first language, so please forgive me)

I made incredible headway of my English.
(English has improved dramatically)

The difference between Communicate and get myself across is that communicate not only conveys information but also conveys fever and illness. Get (myself) across is a nuance that lets others understand you. Japanese “I want to communicate in English” may be closer to get across.

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Just give me a shout

There are times when you want to say in English, “Speak if you have something.” How should I express it in such a case?

 Meaning and usage

Shout originally means “Donaru”. I came back to me → Please speak to me.

If something comes up, just give me a shout.
(If you have something, please call out.)

Ok, thank you.
(Yes, thank you)

If something happens, say something comes up. Remember because it is a useful expression!

 Related words

Anything I can do?
(Do you have any help?)

If you need any help, just let me know.
(Tell me if you have anything)

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what’s the catch 何か裏があるんじゃない?

When you want to make English something like “I don’t know what’s behind?” But in fact it can be expressed in very simple terms.

 Meaning and usage

Catch in this case means “hidden problem”. Isn’t there any hidden problem? → Isn’t there something behind it? This expression is often used by native speakers.

Bob is going to sell me his PC for free.
(Bob gives me a free computer)

 What ’s the catch?

(Is there something behind it?)

Related words
I don’t ’believe it.
(I don’t think so!)

What ’s behind the problem?
(What is behind the problem?)

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Until I knew the meaning of these expressions, I didn’t understand the meaning even if native speakers used these expressions. I couldn’t afford to hear the meaning of it all the time, but I was able to find out what it meant by searching the internet for only the parts I could hear. If you are obsessed with the meaning of a native speaker, you may find it meaningful by searching the Internet.

See you soon! Catch you later! See you later!

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