Lily’s English Lesson 3: Writing Tips! Even Beginners can Try it Out!!

Are you good at writing in English? It is a skill that I have been studying with great effort at school, so is it a field that Japanese people are good at? The writing skill is a deep world with no 100 points.
We can’t write wonderful sentences just because Japanese is perfect.
This time, I will introduce three practice methods that I have been practicing to improve my English writing skills. This is a practice that I was able to continue because I’m not good at writing, so please try it.

Read and catch English with doubtful eyes

Reading English with suspicion … It’s a bit bad to say, but it means that you always have doubts about your knowledge and resolve it. For example, when we study by reading English sentences, it is common to find and understand words that we don’t understand in the given English sentences.
Of course, that method is the most reliable and reliable method, but I tried to add a spice that I would not only passively understand the English text given, but also actively dig it down.

For example …
smile, anger, cry and smile
(Why not cry smile angry and smile?)

happiness appear and it disappear suddenly
(Why isn’t S added to the verb?)

Every time I read a sentence, I have this question in my head. If you don’t have the viewpoint of “always questioning”, you will be caught only in understanding the meaning. However, if you are prepared to always have questions, you will be able to notice small questions that you might miss, and when your questions are resolved, you will have a great level of English.

 Why not cry, smile, anger and smile?

Thinking in the head and examining the answers, the previous question is solved like this.
Laugh, get angry, cry, and laugh again. The word “and” in English may not only mean a parallel meaning but also a nuance of the flow of time, especially in novels. In other words, in the case of parallel, there is no problem even if the words are switched, but in the case of the nuance of the flow of time, the meaning will change if the order is out of order.

 Why isn’t S added to the verb?

This is because in novels, grammar is sometimes ignored in order to emphasize rhythm or express realism.
Strictly speaking, the auxiliary verb is omitted, so S is not attached. This requires context understanding and familiarity.

This learning method …
I think that the attitude of digging in and actively understanding English has helped me to acquire not only writing skills but also reading skills.

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Accumulate knowledge of sentence composition

English is a language that values ​​theory. There are many words that do not have ambiguity one by one, and the grammatical structure can be constructed theoretically. With a rough structure in mind, you will be able to write coherent sentences even when writing long sentences.

 English sentences are basically …

Start with Introduction

Paragraph (contents)

It consists of a composition called Conclusion.

Furthermore, with regard to the paragraph (contents), I think that it is easy to attract the reader’s interest when considering the order of abstract → specific example → further digging.
For example, “What kind of image do you have about Asian massage? (Abstract) → Actually I have experienced herbal oil massage at a massage shop in Tokyo the other day. (Specific) → If you think it is just an oil massage, it is completely different. There is a stretch method that twists and lifts one leg, called an elephant pose ….

 Recommended videos

This video also explains the composition. Even just understanding the English explanation in this video can be a great learning experience, so please take a look.

English learning site engvid

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Keep writing!!

Once you have mastered the basics of writing with methods 1 and 2, you can practice writing and explaining your surroundings in English. You can do anything around you. I think it’s surprisingly difficult to describe casual things in detail, whether in the mug in front of you or the clothes you are wearing.
It’s okay to make mistakes, so please write more and check with native speakers if possible. I had my native speaker’s friend correct it once a month.

The first is OK with a simple sentence such as There is a mag on the table. The mag is purple. I bought it in Kyoto last year.
Gradually, When I saw the mag first time, I felt like it’s nothing special, but I also felt that I mean to get it. I was able to write a slightly higher level sentence.

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This time, 3 writing practice methods that even beginners can do! Was it yes? I told you all about the writing practice I practiced.

The point is 3 points.

1. Actively delve into the text!
2. Make a compelling sentence by controlling the composition!
3. Express anything in sentences!

The English-speaking video site called engvid that we introduced this time allows you to study in addition to writing, so check it out from YouTube. Next time, I will talk about speaking. See you again!

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