Where Do Italian People Go in Vacation Seasons!?

In July, the whole of Italy is getting a bit terrible. It is because the heart begins to be taken to a vacation that will begin soon. Naturally it’s not a job. Those who work for the company have a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks, and if they are farming for wine or olive oil, they will be closed for 2 months. This time I will introduce you to such an Italian vacation.

Vacation season

We loved sightseeing so I was on vacation in September when it was easy to get around town. From around July, I was looking forward to tasting the atmosphere that the Romans were declining little by little, and enjoying the vacancy soon.

 Summer vacation for children

The children’s school will end around the 2nd week of June, so the number of children talking in the square will increase. One of the Italian traditions is that the children finally settle down in the middle of the night with a scream from somewhere in their house, “Let their children fall asleep”. It is a summer vacation time for children to play from morning to evening.
It becomes quiet little by little in July, and in August, there will be no sign of people and the voice of the apartment will resonate.

 There are only tourists

The place where I lived was in the neighborhood of the market, but at this time there was no car horn battle on Tuesday and Thursday early morning, and the liveliness disappeared. Naturally, the amount of troublesome traffic is reduced, and you have the illusion that Rome has only birds that cry well with us.
Yes, Rome at this time has only tourists.

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Where Italians go?

There are almost two ways to spend an Italian vacation: the sea or a villa. Of course, there are people who want to travel somewhere like us, but the general Italian idea is that they want to spend their vacation. By the way, there are many people who travel a little consecutive holidays such as Easter.

 Some people have villas

Where is a celebrity a villa for the Japanese? It’s hard to say that it is familiar, but some Italians have a few villas if they are a little wealthy in Italy. The time spent is so long that it is much more economical than a hotel. It ’s a cultural difference.

 I really feel the vacation

And what I do in the villa is just spending my time watching TV. If that is the case, why do you bother to travel far and use the effort to maintain the two houses? The important thing for Italians is to change the environment and feel a real vacation. It may be difficult for Japanese people to understand, but it is very important.

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How to spend time at the ocean

When my friend invited me to go to the sea for the first time, the culture shock was quite big. I applied a sunscreen with a higher SPF to avoid sunburning as much as possible, and then went on with a thick makeup. When asked “Why did you make up?”, I was a little embarrassed.

 The sea is not a place to swim

And I will play a lot because I go to the sea! I was so excited to swim, but as soon as I arrived, everyone started pattering and spreading bath towels. Oh? When you look at it, everyone wears sunglasses and begins to sleep. That is right. The “sea” in Italy is not a place to swim.
The water in the sea is just for cooling the body that was lit by sunburn and looking for sunburn. It is a way of spending time away from the comfortable fatigue of swimming. The Italian coast has a resort system where many beach umbrellas are lined up, and there is nothing like a commonplace, and each has a different atmosphere.

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What to be careful and what to remember

During the vacation period, not only Italians but also many Europeans come to Italy, so it’s difficult to book and soar in towns near the coast (near Naples, such as Amalfi, Sicily, Sardinia, Puglia) . The hotel is also favoring long-term visitors, so be careful if you are planning to come on a trip.

 Why don’t you enjoy yourself from different angles?

On the other hand, for those who can stay for a long time, in such a resort area, you may be able to stay at a reasonable price with one meal for 2 weeks and 3 meals depending on the place. You may also have a good encounter with the same people every day in the hotel.
Italy is famous for visiting the ruins and museums, but I would also like to recommend this unusual way of spending Italy.

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