What I Think About Japan After Leaving There

I have been away from Japan for two years and have lived abroad and now I can feel it. Emigration, not as an expatriate, for honor, or for anyone, just choosing to follow your own honest feelings. Before I noticed, I was different from myself two years ago. I feel it now. What does living abroad bring to life? I’ll try to spell it a little.

Am I happy?

 Fantasy of immigration

First of all, my happiness does not depend on the place. A happy person is happy no matter how poor he is and wherever he is. Many people who want to live abroad think that they want to escape from the reality in Japan, or if they go abroad, that a bright future is waiting for them. However, in reality, living in a foreign country that you like does not always mean that you can imagine a life. There is a stressful job there, and when traveling, trouble became one of my memories, which became a troublesome problem in my life, and at first, everything that was freshly reflected in the scene gradually became familiar and boring.

 Everybody has that tendency

And since it’s a human being, I think everybody is likely to do so, but they want something they don’t have right now. When I was traveling, I lived in a beautiful country, so I felt that the hustle and bustle of developing countries was interesting. But now, the hustle and bustle is noisy, and I want to find peace of mind and breathe clean air. That’s it. So, I always wanted to live a longing abroad and certainly made good choices and I have no regrets, but I always feel that happiness is always in my heart .

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Integration you don’t even realize

 Little things would change you

Sometimes you become a local without you realizing, and your habits and yourself change. Is this good or bad? There are a lot of things that people have told me, and that I have thought back and changed on my own. For example, I’ve slowed down speaking and walking. I often used my smartphone while working. Because of the weather, I sweat a lot every day, and I like to eat salty food. Although it is a small thing like this, if you make this a daily routine, I think that it will have a considerable effect on your body and mind.

 What changed me the most

And what I think is particularly strange is that while I was always helped and kind with the spirit of Thai helping each other, I often helped people without hesitation. This is often noticed when talking to friends who do not live in Thailand. Why are you so helpful, gentle! When those words are returned, I realize that in the past, I may have been less than grateful. As long as you were born in this world, as long as you belong to the same community, helping each other has become commonplace.

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Freedom and restriction

 Restriction in foreign countries

Living abroad involves a variety of freedoms and restrictions. I find limitations especially with regard to welfare systems and residence permits. The reason why you cannot live or work without permission on the same earth is that many “permissions” that you do not need in Japan are increasing overseas, and you are greatly reminded that you are a foreigner. Even for insurance, you can’t use the National Health Insurance in Japan. If you go to a hospital without insurance, the cost of treatment may be ridiculous, and you will be worried about things you never thought of in Japan. What if something happens?

 Freedom in foreign countries

Although there are certainly restrictions, overseas is free. There are many Japanese immigrants seeking this freedom. Depending on the country, there is no more freedom, but some people feel that it is stimulating, but in Thailand, anyway, I feel “I do not care = freedom”. When you’re in a taxi, you don’t have a concept that you need to sit in this seat because you’re older, or wear slippers to relax at work, rent a motorcycle without a license, or watch out for people on the beach. You can enjoy purely beautiful sea without it. . . The weather, people and social systems are everywhere. It is a wonderful point that you can do things that you could not do in Japan because you are loose and care about the direction of energy use → you can really concentrate on what you want to do.

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What’s to be worth

When you are abroad, I think everyone has something to think about. Will we live in this country in the future? What to do and what to do if you return to Japan. But such a trouble is a really happy trouble. This is because you can use your experience living abroad to expand your options. Only two years, but two years. If you live abroad and you think of something, it is proof that you are already doing something worthwhile. By all means, it is an overseas life that many Japanese people want to experience.

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