Russian Women who Enjoy Raising Children and Working at the Same Time!!

I am raising children while working in Russia. I have lived in Russia for more than 5 years, but this time I would like to introduce the appearance of a Russian working mother that can be seen through familiar Russians.

Russian woman working hard

Despite maternity and childcare leave, I felt a great longing just for the image of a full-time housewife for me as a Japanese, even though I felt as if I was working hard as a full-time housewife. (In fact I have been working all the time …)

 Russian woman who wants to work

When I told a Russian mom who worked such a thing, “I want to work. For Russian women, when their 40s are the most fulfilling and shining. I want to make my dream come true in my 40s.”
Also, “When my wife enters the house as a full-time housewife, the Russian man thinks that his wife is completely his own and goes to other women with peace of mind. The person who works with him can give the husband the tension that his wife might be taken away by another man. ”
This story was a culture shock for me. If you have a child early, you will surely be in your 20s and 30s and you will be able to take time for yourself. Surely, even a full-time housewife who is Russian has no reluctance to polish herself, and many working mothers do beautiful nails, wear shoes with heels, and work hard.

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Russian single mother

Looking at the surrounding Russian women, if you think that there is a woman who has established a career and established a career and is economically independent and enjoying single life more than a Russian male who seems to be a mother, you can have a child younger and have a child alone There are many single mothers who have decided to raise their children and who have divorced and raised their children alone.

 The presence or absence of children is not related to love

Russia has a high divorce rate, so there seems to be no special feeling for single mothers. It seems that it is not so important to have a child for a partner. The hurdles to cohabitation and remarriage are not high.
In the case of a single mother, there are universities where you can study for free, so you can acquire the knowledge you need for work and connect it to your next career.

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Great environment for raising kids

continue to work after giving birth. There are many companies where women are active in their positions. Some occupations, especially teachers, doctors, tram drivers, and accountants, feel particularly female.

 Childcare leave up to 3 years old

Childcare leave can be taken up to 3 years old, and employees who are taking childcare leave cannot be dismissed. However, childcare allowance is only paid up to 1 and a half years old.
The nursery school is registered in waiting order immediately after childbirth, you can enter the park for free from 3 years old, and keep it from 8:00 to 19:00. It’s not as fulfilling as in Japan, but you can also have breakfast and snacks in the morning, noon and evening. Also, if your child is ill and unable to attend nursery school, submitting a hospital certificate will not be used as paid leave and will be treated as sick.

 Family support

If you are an elementary school student, during your three-month long summer vacation, your children may go away from their families for several tens of days to enjoy summer in nature. It ’s a fun summer vacation for both parents and kids. Family bonds, especially parents and children, are strong, and even adults call their parents many times a day. Many of my grandmother’s generations gave birth to younger children, so raising children in their 40s is not enough, but some women soon become grandmas. I am young and have physical strength, so I will take care of my grandchild to enjoy parenting again. If your parent’s support is nearby, you can leave your child for a business trip. In this way, there is an environment where it is easy to work while raising children, both in terms of social support and family support.

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Reliable Russian Women

A Russian mom who cares about children and is eager to educate, with a full range of infant classes, practice, psychology, etc., but at the same time, he wants to be seen as a woman and to work out in society. I feel like that. I think that mothers willingly working with their children will convey it to their children in a good way.

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