How Canadians Feel about Work and Private – They Respect Private Life!!

Hello! I have spent several years in Canada studying abroad and traveling. In such a life, I felt a difference in thinking about the “balance between work and private” between Japanese and Canadians.
In Japan, when you become a member of society, in most cases you will change to a work-oriented life. Rent every morning in the rush hour, get on a crowded train, head for work, work overtime until late at night, etc. There may be many people who are worried that it will be limited. This time, I would like to introduce the difference between Japanese and Canadian people’s work and private thinking.

Canadian view of work

For Canadians, “work” is just one of the tools to enrich their personal lives. This idea is common. Work as efficiently as possible at the workplace to finish the day’s quota, finish work by the scheduled time, and place more emphasis on your hobby time and home life after returning home.

 My Canadian teacher is also…

At the Canadian school where I studied abroad, when the last class of the day was over, the staff went home as soon as the students went home. In Japanese schools, the staff remained at school after school, and there was an image that they were working until late, so I was very surprised when I first saw the scene. Canadians have no concept of staying in the workplace and doing work unless they have to do that day. The line is clearly defined as work is work, private life is private life, and time is allocated efficiently.

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So different from Japan about overwork…

The idea of ​​“overtime work” is also very different between Japan and Canada. By working overtime in Japan, there is a tendency for bosses to accept trust and hard work. In Japan, overtime is a “plus” image, but the image of Canadian overtime is “minus”. The image is that “Overtime = not working efficiently”. In Canada, it is important to understand the work volume and the overall picture, and how to efficiently measure your quota in time. So if you can achieve your quota for the day, you are free to do whatever you want during your free time or at work. Rather than spending all day with poor work, it is thought that it is more enriched to spend more time on your favorite things in the free time after returning home, concentrating for a short time. It is.

 I will change my job because I will move!?

In Canada, the concept of “change / transfer” is a little different. In Japan, we often hear the word “transfer due to work”, but in Canada there are cases such as “transfer / change of job due to hobbies and private life”. If there is a favorite land in the travel destination, it is a story that often hears such as buying a house, moving immediately, transferring or changing jobs. In Japan, it is said that it is good to take one job for a long time, and I feel that there is not a good image about “change of job”, but overseas, “person who thinks“ change of job ”is a necessary element to step up. There are many. For Canadians, rather than spending decades in the same workplace surrounded by the same things, it is “plus” to experience new things in a fresh environment and raise their experience.

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Have capacity for job

In this way, many Canadians are more committed to enriching their personal lives than work, and it seems that there is more room for feelings than ordinary Japanese adults. Of course, depending on the type of business and environment of work, there are people who work in Canada but are stressed and frustrated every day. However, many people strive to have as much time as possible outside their work. Work efficiently and establish your own lifestyle. -I think the Canadian lifestyle is very attractive.

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