Italian Phrases Which Help You Enjoy Italian 100 Times More!!

I’m sure there are many people who have traveled to Italy, but I enjoyed talking with Italians using Italian, making my trip to Italy fun thanks to Italian, and I was in danger but Italy. I think there aren’t many people who have had the experience of being saved by the words. It seems that Italian isn’t very important when it comes to traveling, as I can speak a little English, but I’m sure traveling will be a hundred times more enjoyable if you can talk to cheerful and friendly Italians. So this time, I will introduce Italian that is useful in two situations.

“Assolutamente no!” Absolutely not!

 This was the trigger

When you read “Assolutamente no” in Italian, it means “Assolutamente no”, which means “Assolutamente no”, “No”, and “No”. In English, it is “Absolutely no”. Why is this phrase important? When I was traveling to Italy with my family, I was walking down the road in Rome, and two middle-aged women dressed like gypsies or homeless people stood on the side of the road with their babies. Seen from a distance, I feel sorry for having a baby. .. .. I didn’t really care about it, but as I got closer, the baby was a doll! And at that moment, as expected, he gave me some money, but as soon as our family tried to walk, one of the gypsies hugged my mother from behind her and her I tried to steal money. At a terrifying moment to remember, my dad and I sprinted to escape. But here is the great thing about her mother. When her mother tried to drive the gypsy away, she shouted “Assolutamente no!”. The moment she shouted, the gypsy left, complaining about something.

 Easy to remember

My mother’s quick decision was wonderful. Why did my mother, who is not very good at English, know this phrase? That’s because she listened to and remembered the Italian language course CD she bought at the 100-yen shop before she went to Italy. If she was hugged by an Italian, I think there were many other ways to say, “Get away! Go away! This bastard!” However, there is no doubt that it was a very effective word for a mother who does not speak a foreign language to suddenly think of an Italian phrase that can be said to be the only one. If you underestimate pickpockets and other misdemeanors in Italy, you will be instantly damaged. First of all, let’s remember “Assolutamente no!” To protect yourself before you enjoy your trip.

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“Andiamo al bar?” How about going to the cafe?

 Coffee culture in Italy

Everyone knows that Italy is famous for coffee. As with the purpose of tasting coffee, it has become a habit for many to use coffee as a means of communicating with people. Italy is a typical country. Throughout the city, there are crowbars (cafes are called crowbars in Italy), and you can drink coffee at a reasonable price, and even when you’re in a hurry, you don’t have to sit at the table and stand at the counter. I will. Coffee and bar are part of the lives of many Italians, without which the current Italian life scene would not be possible. Cafe culture is so pervasive. I want to feel free to talk to the handsome guy I met on my trip somewhere without going to dinner! This is your favorite phrase.

 Phrases that must be remembered

If you read “Andiamo al bar?” In Italian, you will find “Andiamo al bar?”. Andiamo means let’s go, Al means Hehe, Bar means a cafe. In English, it’s “Shall we go to café?” Now, when and when you meet any good-looking guy or good-looking guy, how about a little? I can invite you lightly. Many Italians are really cheerful and fun, and many think that love is their life. So, I hear a lot of stories that I was attracted to such a fateful encounter, and when I spent a little time together, I got along and got along with each other. Why don’t you spend a wonderful time with Italians?

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Enjoy it with your heart more than trying to understand

Pronunciation in Italian is not very difficult as it is often similar to Japanese. Regarding grammar, there is a part close to English and other European languages, so those who understand it will be able to remember it smoothly. Anyway, enjoy Italy with your heart. That way, even a little clumsy Italian will surely have a great time.

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