The Wonderful Part Of My Present Life I Realized After Staying One Night At The Desert In Morocco!!

There are days when you can sleep comfortably every day, you can wake up comfortably every day, and that’s all, but it didn’t come true. That was when I stayed overnight in the middle of the Moroccan desert. It’s nice to spend a night in the desert until you experience it! I was excited, but when I actually went there, I had various experiences that were different from my imagination, so I would like to introduce them.

Until you arrive at the desert accommodation

 Getting ready for trip

I aimed for the Merzouga dunes, a desert east of Morocco near the border with Algeria. I was driving around Morocco, but when I arrived at the tour meeting place before heading to the desert, a nice but desert-friendly hotel was neatly built there. From there, take a camel for an hour and a half to a desert accommodation. After finishing the toilet etc., pack only the minimum necessary items in the backpack. The sun is strong, and of course it’s a desert, so there’s nothing blocking the sun, so I wear a scarf around my head. I don’t usually wear sunglasses on a trip because the color of the scenery changes, but I wear them only at this time because the light hits me so much that I can’t look in front of them. Just like a deserter who travels through the desert for days and days. First of all, I think that it is one of the items to enjoy the trip several times, so I am ready to dress like Disney’s Aladdin.

 Travel companion

About 15 multinational travelers travel together. There were also some Japanese. Not only humans but also camels are on standby. This is insanely cute when you look at it nearby! I didn’t think the camels would heal me so much, but when I looked at their real faces, they said, “Don’t rush your life,” and the everyday life of worrying about something small seems ridiculous. I have come. I was introduced to the camel I ride, so after taking a few pictures together, it’s time to start camel riding.

 Camel ride quality

First of all, the rise is amazingly dynamic! Unlike a horse, I sit on my back with a camel sitting, and then the camel stands, so I feel like I’m sick in front of me. But it’s so funny that it becomes a habit. And the way camels walk is a little different from horses, and it doesn’t go as smoothly as horses. It’s not unreasonable as a giant walks over the desert. I was sitting in the middle of the two humps, but I was caught between the humps and shook for an hour and a half as if an earthquake had occurred. At first, it was insanely fresh and fun to roam the vast endless desert area with camels, so I was crazy, but after an hour my butt and hips hurt, the scenery is the same all the time, days Also respected real travelers traveling camels.

Time at the accommodation

 Facilities at the campsite

When I finally arrived at the accommodation in the middle of the desert, there was a campsite built for the tour because I saw it. But the decoration is like a desert and it feels like a hippie. It’s a place that looks like Instagram. The guide explained various facilities, but there were only facilities that could not be imagined from the cute appearance of the camp site. First, the bed. There are several rooms, and even if it is called a room, it is a simple room that is only separated by cloth. But for the time being, it feels like there is private. Since we went with 3 family members, we were able to use it with 3 people per room. And water. Only limited water in a little tank. Of course, the water supply is not drawn, so be careful not to waste it. Of course you can’t take a shower. There is no reason to have a flush toilet. But there is a desert area. The whole area is a toilet. At night, it is dangerous for animals to come, so be careful not to go too far. As for the supper, it was delicious as it was. Good for a product made with limited resources. It is a traditional Moroccan dish that you can eat at a typical restaurant. Of course, there is no entertainment, so enjoy a wonderful desert night while chatting with the people you traveled with.

 What I saw at night

What surprised me at night was the number of stars. The starry sky seen in the absence of any light around me was purely beautiful, and I was naturally fascinated by the fact that the sky was originally so beautiful. However, when you get to bed, it’s like outside the tent, even though it’s inside the tent, so there’s usually sand around it. Sand is really annoying. You can show your presence anytime, anywhere, in your bag, in your shoes, in your clothes, or while you’re sleeping. I’ve never missed sleeping normally in my bed at home.

 Departure morning

In the morning, the light naturally shines into the tent. When the sun goes down, I sleep, and when the sun goes up, I wake up. In addition to not taking a shower, there was a sand raid, and I already felt the heat rising from the morning, but it was a very good feeling to get up while feeling this natural cycle. I remember. I’m ready to have breakfast and then ride a camel back to where I was. Compared to me who didn’t sleep well, when I saw a camel, it had the same real face as yesterday. I slept in such a desert without a tent, and camels are strong as well as the sand. This is the moment when I also wanted to be a camel.

Swayed by a camel on the way home

 On the back of camel again…

Is the return route the same as going? I’m not sure because it’s a desert, but I’ll be back on the same camel as when I came. Unlike going, I felt like I was already used to riding camels on the way back and it wasn’t fresh anymore, but I still enjoyed riding camels. I’m only 154 cm tall, and I can look around for hours from a high place like this. Then, after the one and a half hour ride, I say goodbye to the camel. When I thought I would meet again, I was filled with gratitude for walking in the hot desert for me for 3 hours.

What I noticed when I came back from the desert
Go straight to the hotel toilet with shower! How comfortable the shower I took here was. .. .. What’s more, how easy it is to walk on concrete instead of sand. You don’t get sand in your eyes, and you don’t have to worry about the toilet or shower. Since I was born and raised in the present age and have lived without any inconvenience, I felt that it was difficult to live with nature like this anymore, which made me feel regrettable.

What desert life taught me

I feel that life in the desert has taught me many things. I realized how blessed my life is now, and how weak human beings are when I realized that I couldn’t do anything without water, food, toilets, showers, and basic things. In the past, humans lived with nature, but when did they become unable to adapt? I think that I had this opportunity to travel with a wonderful camel, learn what it means to live naturally, and experience things for the rest of my life. Please try it out.


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