Get Part Time Jobs Related To English!! Good Jobs Might Require Connections!!

Recently, the number of people studying English has increased. I think there are many people who want to work in the future using English. And there may be some college students who want to work part-time in English, and graduate students who want to work part-time in English if possible so that they can write on their resumes. Of course, if you can speak English, you can also be a cram school teacher or tutor, but here I will talk about things that can be written in your resume, such as “more than a part-time job and less than work”.

English lecturer

 You need teaching licenses at schools

If you have an English teacher’s license during your undergraduate years, even graduate students can be part-time teachers of English. Of course, it is quite difficult to be a graduate student, but it is also possible to become a full-time lecturer or a full-time faculty member.

Even if you are a cram school teacher or tutor using English, you cannot write on your resume, but if you are a part-time teacher, you can write on your resume. Even if you are part-time, having a teaching history can be an advantage if you want to become a teacher in the future.

 How to be a lecturer

If you want to become a part-time teacher at a public school, it is important to register with a human resources bank. In the field, various teachers have to leave the workplace due to maternity leave, childcare leave, illness, etc., so it seems that job guidance may come unexpectedly just by registering in the human resources bank. My friends registered when they were graduate students and each worked somewhere. Depending on the prefecture, the salary will be about 2500 to 3000 yen per class.

In the case of a private school, the job offer may be posted on the Internet, but basically it is decided by the connection. I also received a phone call from my graduate school teacher and asked if I would like to work as a part-time teacher instead of a teacher who is on maternity leave. At that time, I was a first-year student in the master’s program, so I was worried whether I could balance my studies and work, but I’m glad I accepted it now.

 You need to study and work at the same time

If you are a graduate student and want to be a part-time teacher, you must be able to balance your studies. I was a part-time lecturer for a total of 5 years from the first year of the master’s program to the second year of the doctoral program. However, when I was in the first year of the doctoral program, I was in charge of classes for 17 hours a week, so I couldn’t study.

It’s okay if you’re a part-time teacher as part of your employment, but you have to keep in mind that if you’re compatible with your studies, your studies will take precedence.

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 What kind of job is that?

Some can be done by undergraduate students, while others can only be done by graduate students. Each university has a system in which students are hired in the form of TA, RA, etc., and they are hired as assistants at research centers.

I was a TA from the 4th year of the undergraduate program to the 2nd year of the doctoral program. I belong to various departments such as research centers and joint undergraduate laboratories and have been working as an assistant.

Of course, depending on the department, there are many posts that require English. When I was working as a TA at a research center, my main job was as an assistant to an academic society, so I also did practical work such as keeping in touch with researchers and students from overseas and picking up at airports and train stations. Was there.

 How to be TA or RA?

One way to become a TA or RA is to look at the job listings at the university. For example, if the library needs a TA, there may be a leaflet on each building, such as a leaflet for job information posted on the library, or you may be able to search for information on the Internet.

Another option is to get acquainted with the professors and ask them to speak to you. If a professor or academic advisor who is looking for such an assistant thinks that this student can do it, he / she may be asked to speak to him / her personally. Also, if you can get acquainted with the staff of each department by doing a general part-time job instead of TA or RA, such as the examination director of the entrance examination, you may be told the vacant post from there.

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Home-Stay Coordinator

 What you need to do as a coordinator?

I was also the coordinator of a short-term homestay program for elementary and junior high school students. This involves leading about 30 elementary and junior high school students to an English-speaking country to experience a two-week homestay.

Each child experiences a local life while doing a homestay, and during the day they study at a place called a study center. I usually use vacant rooms and churches in schools. I think it’s common to study English in the morning and then go out to the city for fieldwork in the afternoon.

The coordinator will ensure that the children are not having problems at the host family’s home and will keep them safe, both physically and mentally. If something goes wrong, you have to work hard to resolve it and work with local staff to make your child’s homestay experience a success. We will also work with our Japanese office and contact parents if necessary.

Needless to say, I need English because I work locally. In addition, since it is necessary to understand the situation of children and solve problems, leadership ability and problem-solving ability are also required.

 How to be a coordinator

It seems that there are many patterns in which employees of companies that handle study abroad and homestay call out to acquaintances. Alternatively, you may be asked by someone who is an overseas travel guide.

I was asked by a person in the office who helped me with my study abroad and homestay, “Why don’t you try it?” Speaking of connections, it is connections, but there seems to be a stance that it is not possible to leave important children to someone who does not know anyone at the office dealing with study abroad or homestay.

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Connections are important

When you hear this, you may feel that every job requires connections. And that may be true. However, connections are very important in jobs that require trust. By proactively informing people around you that you are such a person, you will be able to get a call when you are in a situation such as “I want this kind of person.” Therefore, let’s meet people positively on a regular basis.

Also, even if you say connection, for example, “If you like, my son will be in that position …” “My father has this job, so I was hired,” and so on. It is different from the connection. It is also my strength and important to let people know my strength and have them need it.

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