Want to Boost Up Your TOEIC Score? How to Solve that Problem for Reading (part 8)

This time I would like to talk about tips for improving overall reading skills. I’m not very good at reading, and sometimes I’ve had about twice as much difference between listening and reading. This time I would like to introduce how I overcame my poor reading skills.

Redo junior high school English grammar

When reading scores were sluggish, I suddenly solved junior high school English problems on the Internet. Then it turns out that I couldn’t understand it unexpectedly … It’s natural that I couldn’t get a score in the TOEIC reading.

 How to redo junior high school English

So I decided to redo the junior high school English grammar. However, at that time, I was already a member of society, and I didn’t have the time to start over from a junior high school English textbook. I used the YouTube channel. It was really useful to see English teacher classes around the world for free.

The “Mizoe Channel” by Dr. Tatsuhide Mizoe, Ph.D. Linguistics, was especially easy to understand. My knowledge of linguistics changed my awareness of my poor English skills to “fun!”. Adult junior high school English is very easy to understand.


You can find those videos, too.


 Plus alpha!!

I read this video and took TOEIC reading measures with a grammar book of junior high school English I bought at a bookstore. After all, understanding the structure made it easier to read English and reduced resistance to reading.

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You have to understand words by ears

I used to remember English words when I was a student, but I recognized them and wrote them. When I was a student, the English test was a matter of writing English and writing meanings, and watching Japanese and writing English words, so I didn’t have to say it.

 How to learn words comprehensively?

However, when you learn a word as a TOEIC reading measure, it is better to throw it away. This is because TOEIC words need to be heard and understood. The words used for reading and listening are not separated. So when you learn the TOEIC words, it’s recommended that you speak aloud and tap into your head what the pronunciation will be. If you do so, you can handle listening as well as reading, and it is two birds with one stone.

For example, if you can see

Decade (10 years)

You can choose the correct meaning by remembering the word “decade” or “decade”, but if you remember it as “decade”, when you hear “decade” I can’t imagine the decade.

 What you have to remember

Word skills are indispensable to improve your reading skills, but you will be able to respond to listening with just a little ingenuity. There are many English words that you will want to read in alphabets, but be sure to remember pronunciation correctly.

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Don’t miss anything

Of course, it is good to read the TOEIC question book in English for TOEIC reading measures, but if you want to gain comprehensive reading skills, we recommend that you read English in various genres.

 What I was trying to do

When I was studying English seriously, I always tried to make my little English possible, no matter how small it is. For example, I saw the word hippopotamus. Such words do not appear in the TOEIC. However, if you don’t come out of the test, it will be erased from your memory, or if you don’t go out of the test, categorizing and trying to pick up something that will help you as much as you can can make a difference.

“Hippopotamus reads“ Hypopatamas ”, sometimes it reads“ Hippo ”for short. Hippopotamus wants to read “Hypopotamus” when you look only at the spelling, but it reads “Hypopatamas”, so there should be other English words to read that way. ”

 It is important to continue even a little

In this way, I am greedy to find things that lead to my English skills. Do this 10 days a day so keep going every day. Then, after a year or two, you will notice that you have climbed to a high place.

Language is never perfect no matter how you study. However, if you continue every day, you can always continue to exceed your previous self.

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1. Solidify junior high school English
2. Remember words as you can see and hear
3. Stack small discoveries

That’s it. I would be happy if my experience would be helpful. Thank you for reading!

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