How To Find A Room In Indonesia!! Share House Is Recommended For Exchange Students!!

I studied in Indonesia and got a job in Indonesia. When you start living in a new environment, finding a home is essential regardless of the country. Here are some of the experiences I have experienced in Indonesia.

Student dorm, share house…

 Types of housing in Indonesia

When you try to live in Indonesia, there are three main housing options. It can be divided into boarding houses and lodgings such as kos, apartments and houses. Here is an introduction to Kos, the boarding house I have experienced.
There are various types of Kos, ranging from flat-rate ones such as a shared house where kitchens, baths, and toilets are shared, to those that have baths, toilets, and air conditioners in their rooms. If anything, share houses are for students, and those with various facilities in their rooms are for young adults.

 Looking for room

If you are looking for a room, you will have to find the costumes that you are looking for. In some cases, there are many conditions that are limited to Muslims or women only. Also, many cosplayers live with landlords such as “Evekos” and “Papakos”, who may take care of them. The landlord’s personality is important for a comfortable life, so you should check it carefully. The room may be equipped with a minimum of furniture, such as a mattress, clothes chiffon and a desk. It is attractive to be able to move in with a single bag with things around you.

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Kos I experienced

 School days

Kos I lived in when I was studying abroad had a monthly rent of about 2,000 yen. Fifteen female college students lived in private or double rooms and shared kitchens and bathrooms. Bathing and washing were always waiting for the turn, but everyone enjoyed cooking and watching TV. Also, I think my Indonesian language skills have improved dramatically. The capacity of electricity was small, and breakers often fell. After passing the curfew, I climbed the fence and entered Kos, but it is a good memory of my study abroad days.

 After employment

After getting a job in Jakarta, I chose a slightly luxurious type of costume. The room is small, but it is a 1LDK type with a kitchen and a bathroom. The rent was about 6,000 yen per month, but it was a new and comfortable room.

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Security and privacy


In Kos, where I lived after I got a job, there were many residents, and men were inside, so I was worried by my friends. After all, there are various problems in security and privacy. Some Japanese companies in Jakarta may prohibit employees from living in Kos.
Sharehouses are often stolen, and it is not uncommon for clothes and shoes to be lost. Since many people come and go until midnight in a long-house-shaped cosplay, it is always necessary to have a sense of crisis.

 More attractive than that

That being said, Kos is still attractive. You can save money, and above all, it is a very good environment to know Indonesian atmosphere.
I think this is the perfect environment for international students who want to merge with the local community and study culture and language, and those who want to save money while getting a job. The key to a comfortable life is to have a sense of crisis, tighten the doors tightly, wear valuables and act.

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Japan is the safest…

Speaking of Indonesia, some people may have the image that they don’t understand the language well and they are not safe. Certainly, no other country is as safe as Japan. Trying to live with the same feeling as Japan itself is impossible overseas.

However, I think it is important to make efforts to blend into the local area. International students, in particular, have a sense of crisis and can learn the local atmosphere by living while protecting themselves. There may be some inconvenience, but if you live in Indonesia, why don’t you choose Kos?

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