Complaints from Diplomats toward Those who Come from Japan!!

One of the important tasks when you are stationed overseas is to welcome people who travel from Japan. Here, I would like to talk about the business travelers who seemed grateful and the business travelers who felt it was difficult from the perspective of expatriates.

Expatriate work

 The work of expatriates is diverse

The expatriate is not only stationed overseas. There are many different types of work, and there are many cases where there are work on weekends.

 Weekend work details

Of course, you may work in the office, but you may have to go to entertaining golf, or you may have to deal with a business traveler. On weekdays, there are many dinner meals after the end of work, and there are many cases where the detention time is longer than in Japan.

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Japanese businessmen diplomats feel uncomfortable with

 Business trip schedule

If a person traveling abroad travels to the country, we will pick you up at the airport, help you check in at the hotel, and what restaurants are recommended. Since the expatriate knows the locals well, I think it’s natural to help those who come on a business trip.

Business travelers usually enter the country on Monday and return home on Friday. In the case of Myanmar, when you come to Myanmar, you depart from Narita Airport in the daytime on Monday and arrive in Yangon in the evening. He leaves Yangon at 10:00 on Friday night and arrives at Narita Airport the next morning. If a business traveler responds in this way, the work of our expatriates can be done only on weekdays.

 Business travelers entering the previous day

However, there are some business travelers who carefully enter the previous day. The person thinks that it is better to enter the field early, so I am very grateful for that feeling. However, if a business traveler enters the country on Sunday, the expatriate must respond to the business traveler from Sunday.

Many of the expatriates gather between Japanese on Saturdays and Sundays for sports exchanges. However, there was an expatriate who was absent for reasons such as “I have to go to the airport to pick up business travelers”. In other words, there should be no work on the weekend, but you will have to work on a business trip.

Businessmen diplomats feel comfortable with

 Someone who does some research on their own

Some business travelers find it grateful. First of all, I would like to thank those who do not enter the previous day. Also, I would be very grateful for business travelers who say that they don’t need to entertain because night room meals are served at the hotel’s room service or hotel restaurant, or who are looking for restaurants that they recommend themselves. Certainly, business trips are not trips, but business travelers who look up on their own are not a burden on the station.

 Business travelers who overcome the language barrier

Business travelers rarely can speak the language of the country. Business travelers do not need to speak local language unless they were studying in school days. This is because expatriates follow up.

However, even if you can’t speak the language, we are grateful for a business traveler who can purchase a SIM card for a mobile phone locally and devise it so that he can easily communicate with local people. If you’re going on a business trip abroad, it’s safe if you always keep your local staff’s contact information on your mobile phone.

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Towards the same purposes

Business travelers stay in a luxury hotel where there is no inconvenience in bed-making and meals, and security is ensured. They may think that they don’t know what the country is like, and they have been told by business travelers themselves.
Certainly, business travelers are business travelers, and expatriates are expatriates. However, because I work for the same purpose, I feel that it would be nice to be able to match my eyes.

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