Italian Fashion and Make Up!! You cannot Forget about Your Toe!!

I live in Italy. Speaking of Italy, it is a country where many famous brands were born in the world, and many people have a stylish image. I was born and raised in Japan and have lived in the US, Italy and the UK. I think that Italy is particularly fashionable. Here, we introduce Italian fashion style and makeup.

Enjoy fashion regardless of personality and age

 Fashionable from the feet to match the TPO

It is often said that “fashion is from your feet”. As the word suggests, Italians have a strong commitment to shoes, regardless of gender. This is because shoes are the foundation of fashion and are the basis of fashion. And always remember the total coordination.
For example, even if you are traveling for 3 days and 2 nights, take at least two shoes. One pair is shoes that emphasize movement, the other pair is leather shoes for men and heel shoes for women that are not embarrassing at restaurants.
Of course, there is also a commitment to the appearance of shoes. The quality of the skin, the design, the manufacturer, etc. are particular to each person, and there are many people who are custom-made, especially those who work. In Italy, every city is dotted with retail shoemakers and bespoke shoemakers.

 Wear shoes from the time of baby

The Italians’ commitment to shoes begins in their baby days. In Japan, babies often grab and stand or wear shoes called first shoes after they start walking. Until then, you should wear socks.
On the other hand, in Italy it is common to have shoes vomit before the baby starts walking. From the time of a newborn who has not yet walked, wear soft little shoes. Designs range from babies to fashionable shoes for adults.
Commitment becomes stronger as the baby begins to walk. Children grow up quickly and their foot size changes quickly. In Italy, children have a strong desire to choose the right shoes for growth. Not only the size but also the material and softness. Therefore, there are many children’s shoes that are more expensive than Japan.

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Men’s fashion style

 Dress up crisply

Speaking of the royal style of Italian men, you should put a crisp shirt in denim, wear leather shoes, and wear sunglasses. It is simple but starts with shoes and is very particular about shirts and denim.

 Iron hurt woman work

There are differences depending on the family, but many Italians are also particular about washing. European washing machines can adjust the water temperature, so select the water temperature separately for each material. Of these, white ones are further divided into white ones, so it takes time and effort. Of course, there are many types of display buttons for Italian washing machines.
And as is well known in Japan, the Italians iron everything. I like crisp conditions from shirts to denim, underwear, socks, duvet covers and sheets. Women are generally responsible for ironing work.
My husband is Italian, but my husband’s mother is ironing everything. My home does separate laundry, but ironing is minimal. If my husband needs it, I will do it myself. As a Japanese, I can’t believe ironing underwear or socks.

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Women’s make up

  makeup is so much!!

Originally Italians are known for their strong face-making, but when such Italian women make up, their eye makeup is particularly intense, which emphasizes their eyes. Emphasize your eyes with a thick black eyeliner. The thick eyeliner is popular.
In Japan, natural makeup is usually applied by pouring foundations and making it look as if you are not wearing makeup, but there is no such word in Italy.

 Grandma is also fashionable

Italian women never forget to make up even when they are older. I also care about fashion. My husband’s grandmother is 93 years old, but I always make up when there is an event for my family. I am thinking that I have to make up, but I’m driven to be bothersome every day …

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I also have to think about it!!

It can be seen that Italians are very young and old, have a lot of attention to their appearance, and emphasize cleanliness. It may be a little too extreme, but it’s nice to always be careful with your appearance.
I tend to act like a Japanese, but I want to imitate my husband’s family and always remember to be fashionable.

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