Not all European Countries are the Same!!

Some people misunderstand that Europe is the name of the country or all European countries are the same. European country has their own characteristic. Each country has their own history, culture, language etc, and I would like to show you some common misunderstanding.

European People might not Like Each Other

I’m Japanese think all European countries are similar. However, if you work with European people, sometimes you can hear them saying something like that. “Germans are stubborn and it is not fun to work with them.” “Spanish are lazy and they never want to work.” This is how Europeans are talking about each other. Europe has more than 45 countries so of course it makes sense each country is different.

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Who is European? Who is Asian?

I think distance is one of the reason why Japanese tend to think all European countries are the same. Be some of us think that it’s difficult to know about each country so it’s easier to think about Europe as one country. Also because of EU, you might think that all countries are similar.

 Japanese, Chinese and Koreans might be the Same for Europeans

Actually, European people also tend to think All Asians are the same. For them, it is difficult to distinguish not all in Japanese but also Chinese or Korean. They think we all have similar characteristics.

But we think Japanese, Chinese and Korean is a very different. Some might think that it is impossible not to distinguish Japanese, Chinese and Koreans but it is the same thing for Europeans as well.

You might think that Japan is an island country and European countries are connected on the land but this is just our excuse.

 Some People Don’t Appreciate being Called Europeans

If we think about Asian countries, we can see how wrong it is not to distinguish European countries. Also not polite to each of it. Especially people in the countries which have long history don’t appreciate it.

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Each Country is Different in Europe!

Europe has long history and they have variety of religious so it is very interesting to learn about their countries. So each country has wonderful buildings and they are proud of their high standard of art. It shows each country is proud of their own culture.

 Trip to Europe is Wonderful!

I have been to several countries in this world and Europe is the best area ever. They are safe, their food is great, the weather is nice, they have wonderful history and wonderful buildings. Everywhere is fascinating.

So stop mixing the countries in Europe altogether. Specially if you want to succeed in business in Europe, you have to respect each country.

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