Facial Care You Can Do in Other Countries without Spending Tons of Money!!

What is troubled overseas is skin care. Japanese facial cleansers, cleansings and lotions are highly valued worldwide, but when Japanese people accustomed to such products live overseas, naturally, Japanese lotions are sold at the same price as Japan. It becomes impossible to purchase such as. I’ve been living abroad for over two years now, but at first I struggled with skin care. Here are some skin care that I have come up with that can be done overseas.

About face washing

I live in China, but when I was in Japan, I used a face wash of around 1,000 yen. There are many Japanese cosmetics in China. However, if you want to buy a face wash made in Japan here, something that can be bought in Japan for 500 yen will cost you over 2,000 yen. I don’t feel like buying it.

 Tips for face washing

This is the situation, so I devised myself when washing my face. Of course, I use a face-washing net. Japanese face-washing nets are also famous overseas. Needless to say, it is important to foam the facial cleanser with a face-washing net.

 Use baby oil

Add 1 or 2 drops of baby oil to the foam. And by foaming again, the foam becomes finer. The finer foam penetrates deep into the skin and removes dirt from the pores.
If you use baby oil, the feeling of tension after washing your face will be lost. When you’re overseas, you can’t use lots of high-quality lotion just like when you’re in Japan.

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What to do after washing face

After washing your face, you will be treated with lotion. This is also more than double the price overseas.

 Use baby lotion

Meanwhile, what I found is baby lotion. Baby lotion is basically available in any country. Moreover, the price is not so high, so you can apply a lot.
When you hear baby lotion, you may have the image that a baby uses it. However, baby lotion is no problem for adult skin. Moisturizes dry skin and keeps it moisturized.

 Baby oil can be used throughout the body

There are also people who apply cream to their whole body after taking a bath. Baby oil is safe for anyone. If you want to buy a Japanese-made cream that can be applied to your whole body overseas, you have to pay a ridiculous amount. However, baby oil can be used throughout the body.

 Recommended for pregnant women!

Also, if you are a pregnant woman, you should be worried about your stomach line. If you’re overseas, you won’t get a pregnancy line prevention cream sold in Japan. Even if you sell it, it will be very expensive. However, pregnancy lines can be prevented by preventing dryness. In other words, it is possible to prevent pregnancy lines by applying baby lotion to the stomach that has begun to grow.

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Better, healthy food

When you live abroad, you can’t get as much food as Japan. Rather, I don’t think that I am blessed with a healthier meal than Japan. But that’s why you have to be careful about your diet.

 Are vegetables and fruits cheaper overseas?

Make sure to eat vegetables and fruits and keep hydrated. Overseas, vegetables and fruits may be cheaper. As a result, many overseas residents have more opportunities to eat vegetables and fruits than when they are in Japan. Water varies from region to region. In the Chinese city where I live, I cannot drink tap water. For that purpose, I purchase mineral water and drink it.

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You should be creative for yourself!!

What do you think. Skincare is not a difficult problem when you are in Japan. In Japan, you can get high quality lotion at a low price. I feel the benefits of going abroad.
However, it is not necessary to purchase expensive Japanese-made lotion while living overseas. Of course, if you don’t like Japanese lotion, then it’s a different story, but there are many things you can do even overseas. It’s fine if you spend money on lotion, but there are many women who want to save money by using lotion with high cost.

 Of course there are individual differences

Of course, this is my experience, so the effect will vary from person to person. In my case, the use of baby oil and baby lotion has allowed me to perform skin care well.

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