Complicated Procedure to Get Residence Permit… Physical Checkup, Stay Permit, Work Permit…

I have been living in China for almost 2 years. You need a visa to live abroad as a foreigner. In many cases, obtaining a visa is the end of it, but in the case of China, if you take a visa and go to China, you have to go through further procedures and apply for a residence permit within 30 days of entering China. It will not be. We introduce procedure for that time.

Taking physical checkup for China

In order to live in China, you must apply for a residence permit within 30 days of entering the country, but to apply for this residence permit a medical checkup is required (to obtain a visa Not necessary for

 Medical consultation is also available in Japan

This medical checkup can be taken after visiting China, but since the form is fixed, it is safer to receive it in Japan if you are not familiar with the circumstances of China. You can download a medical certificate by searching for “foreign body mass screening” on the Internet. National hospitals and Japan-China friendship hospitals have been designated as places where you can receive foreign body mass screening, which is a medical examination of China, in Japan.
First, call the national hospital in the prefecture and talk about “I would like to have a foreign body mass examination to go to China.” Nowadays more and more people are going from China to China, so many national hospitals should have experience with this foreign medical examination. If you are an inexperienced hospital, and if it is a hospital that says “What is it?”, It is better to look for an experienced hospital if possible. You can trust a hospital that you understand.

 Precautions when taking a checkup

There is only one precaution when receiving an inspection. When I checked out, I heard many experiences saying “If you go to China, you will have to go back to China even if you have a foreign body mass examination in Japan.” I checked what it means, but I can download the certificate of foreign body mass examination specified by the state of China on the Internet, but in fact, China checks the items not written in the certificate by the city. I have to receive it. In other words, there is something missing even if you examine only the items written on the medical certificate, so it is likely that you will be able to go to China and receive it again.

 Japan China Friendship Clinic

I was going to be in Beijing, so I started to find out which diagnostic items I need in Beijing. However, even if you ask the embassy, ​​you will only be told, “Because the Beijing authorities should confirm the inspection items necessary to stay in Beijing,” you will not get any hints. So I called a medical corporation, Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital, located in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital is also a designated hospital for the Chinese embassy, ​​and is a hospital that actively conducts foreign body mass screening. When I called this hospital and asked, “I’m going to Beijing, but what I need is something other than the described test items”, he told me, “Beijing needs abdominal ultrasound” .

 Hospital seal is required

Therefore, I asked for “abdominal ultrasound as well” while making a reservation for foreign body mass examination at a national hospital in the prefecture. It seemed that I was used to foreign body mass screening, but I was the first person who asked for an examination other than the examination items written on the diagnostic form. At first I was asked why he or she was anxious about his physical condition, etc. However, he explained the circumstances and was able to accept it.
Depending on the hospital, it will take several weeks before the diagnosis is given. If the hospital is accustomed to foreign body mass screening, there should be no problem, but when receiving it, make sure that the hospital seal is properly placed on all the examination forms, and also receive a radiograph.

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Procedure after arriving in China (part 1)

Foreigners who went to China should register for temporary accommodation at the nearest public security within 24 hours. If you are staying at a hotel, the hotel will report the guests information to the public security, so there is no need to worry about anything. If you stay at a friend’s house etc., bring not only your passport but also your friend’s ID card, etc. and deliver it to the nearest public security. Those who are planning to stay in China for long-term stay should obtain a certificate of temporary accommodation registration.
When we first came to China, we stayed at the hotel for the first few days, so we performed the temporary accommodation registration procedure at the hotel. Then, after moving to the apartment, I did the procedure again.

 Receive a certificate of foreign body mass screening

Next, I will receive the foreign body mass examination certificate I received in Japan. Submit all medical certificates and radiographs brought from Japan to the nearest place called International Travel Hygiene and Health Center (International Travel Health Center), and receive a certificate. If it is only a certificate, it will usually be completed the next day. If you have not received a foreign body mass examination in Japan, you will be examined here.
If it is diagnosed in Japan, it is foreign body weight inspection that costs about 30,000 yen, but if it is China, it can receive in less than one third. It is more attractive to have a medical examination in China if you think financially, but if it is diagnosed in China, it will take nearly a week for the medical certificate and certificate to be issued. Given that there are procedures that need to be done, it would be safer to accept them in Japan unless you are very familiar with the circumstances of China and are used to it.

 After all…

By the way, when we went to get the certificate, we saw a lot of foreigners who could not get the certificate of the medical checkup because we had not received the abdominal ultrasound. In some cases, it is sufficient to receive only unchecked items, but depending on the staff’s ability, all items may be accepted again. Of course, if you are going to take a foreign body mass examination in China, you can be assured that you will be able to receive all the necessary items, but …

 Work permit

Furthermore, it is necessary to obtain a work permit. In our case, the master obtained a work visa and I got a family visa, but in order to stay in China under that visa, the master’s work permit is required. Since the master took a university profession, he needed a “professional certificate (foreigner)”.
Until the previous year when we went to China, it was said that foreign countries completed within a few days of applying. However, the system has changed since the year when we went to China, and it is said that it will take 10 days (except on weekends and holidays) to receive it after applying for it.

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Procedure after arriving in China (part 2)

Once all the documents mentioned in the procedure (Part 1) are complete, you can finally apply for a residence permit. If you can get this permit, the procedure is all over.

 Apply within 30 days of entry!

It is not difficult to apply for a residence permit, just because of the long way to this point. You only need to apply with the above documents, passport, and face picture. There is a rule for the size of your face picture, but you can take a picture where you apply for a permit, so you don’t have to worry.
It is important to note that you must apply within 30 days of entering China. If you can not apply within 30 days, the visa attached to your passport will be invalid and you will be staying illegally.

 Receive a residence permit

Depending on the city, it will take about 10 days (except on weekends and holidays) until you receive a residence permit after applying for a residence permit. The price was 800 yuan (about 13,400 yen) for the owner with work visa in the case of a new application, 400 yuan (about 6,700 yen) for the family visa, and both of them were 400 yuan for renewal. A residence permit will be attached to your passport.
By the way, when you receive it, you can return your passport just by giving a voucher, and there is no identity verification. It feels a bit scary if it is a Japanese sense, but if you think about it, it seems that there is no specification of identity verification because you are passing a passport, which is an identification card.

 China has severe security

Until you receive your residence permit, you will not have a passport at hand. Since China has strict security checks and may receive identification checks even at train station premises, it is necessary to carry a voucher (certifying that you have kept a passport) in the absence of a passport. . Always carry your passport with you when you come home.

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Get the latest information!!

In this way, China has so many procedures, there are also language problems, and when we just came to China, there were a lot of uneasy things. If you need to follow this procedure, you may want to get the help of a company, colleague or friend. It is impossible at first to correspond alone without knowing Chinese.

 The law turns around

Laws and systems change year by year in China. It’s been almost two years since I came to China, but it often happens that “it was like this until last year,” wasn’t it three months ago? ” Hmm. When you do something, it is wise to collect information at that time. If you have problems with language alone and you can not help yourself, respond with the help of people around you. It is important to repeat twice, but as the law changes gradually, don’t take personal experiences.

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