Want to Boost Up Your TOEIC Score? General Tip for Listening (part 9)

Hello! This time, we will introduce a training method to improve your overall listening skills. The best way to score points with TOEIC listening is to train your basic listening skills. Please refer to it so that you can earn points for listening problems even a little!

Practice the same sentence repeatedly by changing the practice method

All you need is an English script and a sound source CD. In the next cycle, keep practicing with that sentence.

Read English and Japanese translations and understand the meaning roughly

Listen to the sound source while silently reading the script

Read English aloud without CD

Shadow over CD (read a little later than CD)

Overlap with CD (read at the same timing as CD)

How much should I do?
I will do this one cycle a day by changing the sentence. Repeat the same sentence at least 5 times. By practicing the same sentence repeatedly with different practice methods, you can practice the same sentence without getting bored. The text you practice can be TOEIC related or not.
You can dramatically improve your listening skills by speaking to your mouth and learning sounds!

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Speak up when you learn something new

After all, what is important for listening skills is how much the brain can process the sound heard by the ear without relying on any power. When we listen, we always try to understand the content while watching the script with our eyes or watching the video to understand the situation. We are not doing too much practice to listen and understand purely.

 What is the recommended method?

Therefore, the recommended practice is to listen to English with your ear and put it in your mouth without looking at any script. I think this is harder than I thought and I can hardly speak at first. However, by repeating this exercise, you can train the power of the ear without relying on other organs.

 The point of this practice method

Let’s check out how much you understood after seeing it. The point is to listen to English words that are easy to understand. The purpose of this exercise is to increase your ear strength. Since you don’t learn new words, choose English that is gentle.

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Fun training

If you are tired of training, listen to Western music and improve your listening skills. If you find a song you like and sing it, you will be able to practice speaking as well as listening!

It was shania twain that it was easy for me to listen and practice. Her song “up!” Was used in commercials in Japan, so many people may have heard it. The feature of her American song is that the lyrics are positive and simple. It is a popular singer of country music and has many catchy melodies.

 Recommended music list

Shania twain/ up!


We also recommend magic! They are a Canadian reggae group and the song rude is a worldwide popular song that has been played over 1.3 billion times on YouTube. The lyrics were short and repeated so it was easy to sing.

Magic!/ rude


The last one is a British orchestra band called clean bandit. Actually, the music video for their blockbuster song was filmed in Tokyo. There was a fresh surprise that the image of an English Japanese person is like this, and it was a good opportunity to listen to English as much as possible.

Clean bandit/ rather be


 What are the advantages of studying Western music?

Although not directly related to TOEIC, studying Western music is a fun way to improve your English. Another advantage is that you can see the culture of the English country, so you can see the TOEIC English. If you get tired of the hard English, you can try to improve your English while listening to Western music.

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1. Listen to the same English many times with different practice
2. Listen with your ear and put it in your mouth
3. Listen to Western music and improve your English

Listening skills can also be fun to train. Please look for your own way.

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