Native English Expressions 2 – It’s a big mess!

Well, this time, we will continue to introduce English expressions that Japanese people don’t know. I want to say but I can’t say it! Let’s resolve such frustrations together! There are various useful phrases and phrases that can be expressed in various ways just by rephrasing frequently used phrases and words.

My bad.

 Meaning and usage

A simple and direct expression that seems to be a native expression. Bad means “bad” as you know. I think it’s easy to understand if you interpret My bad → My bad → I am bad → My mistake. Use it like this in a real conversation.

Did you eat my ice cream?
(Did you eat my ice cream?)

Yes, you put it in the fridge, and no one said that I could n’t eat.
(Yes, you put it in the fridge.

Is it my fault ?!
(Do you say it is my fault?)

Ok, ok, my bad.
(Yes, it ’s my mistake.)

My bad is a word that includes light nuances and cannot be used in business. Try using it in a casual setting such as with friends.

 Related words

It’s my fault.

You’ve got nobody to blame but yourself.

I told you so.

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There’s no way…

there ’s no way There is no way to do it, and there is no way.

 Meaning and usage

Hi! It ’s been a long time!

Hi! How have you been?
(Hello! I was doing?)

I ’ve been good! … what are you wearing?
(Yeah, or what ’s cool?)

This is frog costume!
(What a frog cosplay!)

There ’s no way you can wear cloths like that …
(I don’t think that’s all that good …)

 Related words

I ’m afraid your outfit does n’t match the situation.
(I don’t think that suits the place …)

I believe I ca n’t do that!
(Never impossible!)

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It’s a big mess!

You can do this if you look at things that are scattered or piled up without being organized.

 Meaning and usage

How ’s your cookies going? Did you make it good?
(How about cookies?

Yeah, it looks soooo good, but…
(Yeah, the cookies looked really good …)

Oh no! Look at the kitchen! It ’s a big mess!
(Cheer! The kitchen is supposed to be amazing!)

 Related words

Don’t make a mess!
(Don’t clutter!)

Recently, everything is messing up.
(Somehow messed up recently …)

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Out of 1000 yen please.

 Meaning and usage

When you pay money, you say “I’d like this” when you put out a 1000 yen bill or 5000 yen bill. In English use out of ~.

347yen. (347 yen)

Umm … I do n’t have coins … out of 1000yen, please.
(Well, there is no fine .. Please give me 1000 yen.)

Here ’s your changes 653yen.
(Return of 653 yen)

 Related words

Buy in bulk

That is it.

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It has always been you.

 Meaning and usage

It refers to your entire life. All of me is always with you → I mean you like it.

I ca n’t get over it.It has always been you.
(I can’t forget you. I love you)

That ’s what I was thinking.
(I thought the same thing)

 Related words

You ’re the only thing that I thought about.
(I can only think of you)

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I have introduced various expressions this time, but I think many people are interested in the expression related to romance, which was introduced last. I watched romance movies and tried to collect and collect expressions compared to Japanese subtitles. The best Japanese translations are written in Japanese, so the best way to learn from nuances. If you learn a single expression and learn words about it together, your knowledge will become three-dimensional and your English expression will become richer. See you soon!

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