My Way To Study English!! Listening, Speaking, And Again Speaking!!

There are many ways to learn a language, and I’m not really sure which one to practice. Each person has a learning method that works well, so it’s a good idea to try them out first. I have studied German, Spanish, Italian, French, English and Thai in the last 15 years or so. As noted above, I can’t promise that my mastery will be 100% effective for everyone, but I’ve been trying a variety of languages so far, I think it’s important. I hope you can put it in one corner of your head.


 Languages are alive

Language is a living thing. It is alive. In other words, it is always changing and growing. Depending on the times, there are some popular words, and the choice of words varies depending on the age group. It’s easy to forget if you don’t usually touch the language, and even learning a language once you can’t speak at all in a year, it’s easy and difficult to learn a language. Under these circumstances, it is important for adults to continue listening purely as if they were babies, as the baby can judge the sound by ear from the moment of birth and learn the words little by little. Of course, just listening to it is meaningful, but listen carefully if possible. I have never heard of these words and expressions, this pronunciation is difficult for me, and there are words that all repeat in the same way. I think that awareness is the basis for studying languages.

 Ears have a lot of powers!!

Studying in a book is boring and hard to last. But my ears are amazing, and even if I didn’t intend to study, I was learning something. When I study a language, I always put a collection of conversations in my iPod and listen to them while commuting. In the case of Thai, it is not a language I am very enthusiastic about studying, but I listen to conversations of Thai colleagues at work while working hard and learn especially difficult Thai pronunciation by ear instead of head.

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I don’t know what to do… then?

 Just start talking to people!!

Language isn’t something you can do alone, but only when you talk to others. So it’s natural to start with no one at first. It is something that goes on without knowing what the other person is saying, or that the other person gets angry and frustrated without understanding it, and learns a language with a lot of depression. Everyone is the same. Of course there are many things you can learn from fun conversations, and that is ideal, but it is not something that you can learn immediately after studying for half a year, and you need to be patient and step by step everyday.

 Ask if you don’t know what’s going on

Therefore, it is important to always listen back when you are not sure. I think everybody has the experience of learning a language, whether it’s rude to ask again or asking questions gradually becomes more difficult. But if you stop listening there, it will be difficult to get to the next level. If you ask, there are a lot of people who will be kind and tell you, please keep listening without giving up. It is easy if you can study only with books, but the language is how much you can communicate with people, so this is an interesting place that is different from other studies.

About English Education!! Make Sure What You Want To Accomplish!!


Once you get to some level

 Start using English in your daily lives

After studying a bit, I can communicate somehow! I think that there are times when I think unexpectedly. When you feel like that, the next step is to get that language into your everyday life. Make sure to write your schedule book in that language, change your phone’s language settings, watch and listen to music, movies and other entertainment in that language. Perhaps in a situation where you can have a conversation somehow, it is time to gradually lose your weakness. So let’s take it even further into everyday life and make language a part of everyday life, rather than learning. By doing so, you can improve your vocabulary and writing skills, leading to the next step.

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Just start it!!

Some people are not good at learning languages, but others are conversations. Conversation is as necessary as water in living as a human being, so send a signal that you want to understand what the other person is saying without thinking too much and have an open mind in everything Let’s learn step by step.

About English Education!! Make Sure What You Want To Accomplish!!


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