If You Have Problems Reading English for TOEIC, Here’s a Tip!!

TOEIC reading is a difficult part where you can’t get enough points with English. Answers to questions such as “How can I increase the score in the reading part?” Are also advices for advanced users such as “Let’s scan and pick up the answer only!” And “Let’s complete the question collection 30 times!” Many people may be in trouble.
Therefore, this time I will increase my score from the initial TOEIC score of 240 points to 800 points in about one and a half years of self-study, and I will work as an English lecturer with a conversation level up to the business level.

Put your head in business mode

First of all, the main premise is that most of the themes for TOEIC are related to business. Therefore, TOEIC is not advantageous for those who have learned English expressions by watching an English romance drama. This is because the range of words and idioms you have learned is very different.

People with business knowledge are overwhelmingly advantageous!
Conversely, to the extreme, people with business knowledge can benefit from solving TOEIC problems. The latter is absolutely advantageous if you are just studying the words related to accounting and those who are studying the words related to accounting and understand how accounting works.

How to hook is different from Japanese style!
In addition, TOEIC often produces sentences that are not correct but cannot be judged as different in fact. For example, a hotel on a business trip has already been booked and will travel to Toronto on a 14:40 Canadian airline …

(Problem) Choose the correct one from the following.
1. The destination hotel is fixed
2. The plane is an afternoon flight
3. Hotel recently booked
4. Canada is an immigrant country
Feedback geben

If there are options, etc., there are options (1) that are immediately recognized as mistakes, and options (3) and (4) that do not seem to be different for a moment but cannot be verified from the text. It doesn’t get caught in Japanese, but it’s often caught unexpectedly in English. Of course, the correct answer is (2). By the way, (1) is not “travel” but “business trip destination”, (3) “recent” is unknown, and (4) it is unknown whether it is an immigrant country.

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Imagine the meaning of the words

There is no time for TOEIC reading. There are various practice methods such as speed reading and fine reading. In addition to such practice methods, “English associative power” is a great help for reading skills.

 Develop more knowledge related to the words you know

Think of things related from a single word like a spider web. For example, if you look at the English word “take”, how much related knowledge can you spread to your head?

・ Take – seize-grasp
・ Take care-take it easy-take your time-take notes

There may be surprisingly few people who learn simple words that they knew individually in one category. With this associative power, you will be able to predict the future even when you are solving a reading problem, and you will be able to prevent being caught in a paraphrase problem.

You can understand the language in many ways. I was able to get a lot of power through this exercise. Look up words like Take and have in the dictionary and check all the meanings and expressions in the dictionary, and write down the words you can use. By continuing this, I became able to see the word from many angles.
This practice method is useful not only for TOEIC preparation but also for improving English, so please try it out. I think you can improve your vocabulary.

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3 steps for reading

There are some techniques that are useful to know about TOEIC reading.

 Answers are often rephrased rather than intact

For example, if the answer is 10 years, the word of the answer is the word “decade” with the same meaning, or if every year is the answer, it is rephrased as “annual”. Will be.

 Important hints are hidden in contrast words

If the word “Today” comes out, there is a pattern in which words like “yesterday” and “the day after tomorrow” come out. Hints are often hidden behind the differences. Others are this year and next year.

There are parts that are inadvertently made to make mistakes
Watch out for words that are momentarily similar, such as deposit and dispose. Make sure you read it right up to the last minute and don’t mix up the meaning.

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How was it? The key points for TOEIC reading are: First, switch your head to business mode, refine your word association, and learn the TOEIC question format and techniques. Please try it out.

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