Lily’s English Lesson 1: Reading Technique Even Beginners can Introduce!!

Hello! I will send you an English language learning series five times from this time. The skills required for English learning can be divided into 5 parts: Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking, and Comprehensive, and we will introduce English learning methods that even beginners can easily do. The first time to commemorate is “Reading”. Let’s get started now!

At first, let’s get into English by touching a lot of English

What I was worried about when I was a beginner was that “If you look at a large amount of English, you can not practice as you think, with a rejection response.” I try to read it while looking up the dictionary, thinking that I do not know the meaning of the word, but I got bored and couldn’t keep up.

 Find a book, that’s it!?

So what I started with was the practice of searching for books in a bookstore. There are a lot of English books in the large bookstores. Go to the bookstore and find a book to practice reading. It is likely to be said, “Are only that,” but this is a very good way for beginners.

First of all, you have to read the title to know what kind of book it is. After reading the title, I will check the contents next time. I pick up words that are understandable from a large amount of English to flip through and understand the contents … I can read a certain number of English intensively by just repeating this two or three books.

 You can also use the internet to search for books!

The rest is the end of the mission when you actually buy your favorite books. Not only the purpose but also the process is a practice method. With the purpose of “choose a book”, it is more fun to get used to English than reading English at a time when you are not interested! If you do not have a large bookstore nearby, you can also practice the same practice by searching foreign books online.

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 Try flush reading to make it quick

Next, I will introduce how to improve the reading skills that anyone can do. First, write the words you want to remember in your notes. Choose a word that already has a meaning. For example





Etc. This time I chose a little difficult word. The way is easy. Anything is good so I hide words and move them for a moment to see them. I repeat practice so that the meaning comes to mind in this.

 Instantly pull out of the brain

The speed of reading can be increased by shortening the time it takes for the brain to get meaning by obtaining information from vision. Because the meaning comes out slowly without spending time, you can also improve your understanding. By the way, the meaning of the words mentioned as an example is from the top, the circle of angels, genius, debate, hypnosis.

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Let’s be aware of left brain type input and right brain type output

The left brain manages theoretical thinking, and the right brain manages emotional thinking. Make good use of these two brain characteristics to improve your reading skills.

 Let’s repeat again and again!

First, prepare a long sentence. First we analyze sentences logically using the left brain. Examine the meaning of unknown words and understand the sentence structure. I will translate each sentence into Japanese as well as English that I learn at school, and at first I will put English into my head. Next, I use the right brain to engrave deep into the brain the example sentence I put in earlier. Please read the example sentences you studied hard out of your voice emotionally. I read it 10 times or 20 times not once but once. It is an image that you use your mouth to remember. It feels like sports practice.

By repeating this, you can make the body learn the example sentences that you firmly understood. I was able to practice this and gain considerable power.


If you get used to a long sentence in 1 Western book search, 2 flash readings make sense from the brain in an instant, 3 in the left brain understand in the right brain and practice in the right brain, repeating your 3 trainings will surely make your listening power up dramatically It will be. It is a recommended method that I also did, so please try it!

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