World Surprise Airports And Airlines!! Kuwait Was Like This!!

I have traveled to 60 countries so far, but when I transited at Kuwait Airport, I had the impression that I saw something interesting. It is possible at other airports, but I would like to introduce it this time because it has a very unique atmosphere.

Why Kuwait?

 Cheap flight

I was looking for a flight from Germany to Thailand on the way back from my trip from Europe. Malaysia Airlines was cheap, but at that time I booked the second cheapest Kuwait airways because there was a case where a passenger plane went missing and only my life was not taken. From Frankfurt to Bangkok via Kuwait. When I contacted my parents to land on a country bordering Iran and Saudi Arabia, I was asked to change the airline, but I couldn’t cancel because it was originally a cheap ticket. My parents advised me to choose an airline in a safe country next time, and finally on the day of the flight.

 At Frankfurt Airport

When I headed to the dedicated counter at Frankfurt Airport, I suddenly felt a suspicious atmosphere. It may be really rude to say that it is suspicious, but while traveling in Europe, people suddenly dressed like black or white dresses (called disdashers) around the counter instead of clothes It’s overflowing and it’s as if you’ve entered Kuwait since you arrived at the counter. I’m the only one who seems to be Asian. It was the beginning of such a journey, but when I boarded the plane, it was even more interesting. What kind of person is Kuwait’s flight attendant, what kind of music is playing, what kind of decoration is there, what kind of meal is it? I had a lot of questions before the trip started, so I wanted to solve them.

Kuwait Airlines

At the boarding gate…

 Flight attendants

First, Mr. Flight Attendant. My selfish image is that Kuwait is an Islamic country, so women are not working. Or she works in clothes that expose only her face, even if she works. .. .. That was totally different! I’m normal! In fact, the makeup was perfect, the hairstyle was perfect, there were no women in skirts, and the clothes were such that you couldn’t see the skin from top to bottom, but it’s clothes that you can’t think of as an Islamic country. I was working as an attendant of another airline.


A song I’ve never heard. Is it popular in Kuwait? .. But definitely not Western.


Occasionally there are airlines that are uniquely decorated, so I was looking forward to it for a while, but this is also normal. The color of the lighting is blue, which I felt could not be done by JAL or ANA, but it is not so surprising.


If you think about food, it’s really common. I wasn’t surprised by the ingredients.

As you can see, this is Kuwait! It wasn’t a very distinctive cabin, but what’s different from usual is that basically everything is sober. I don’t see colorful or glaring things. Furthermore, passengers are the ones who create the atmosphere of the cabin. I can’t ask everyone if they are Kuwaiti, but all the Arab and Islamic people who can be clearly seen in their clothes are very quiet. Maybe I guess this is the national character. It seems that the people became quiet while the small country with the big power next to them lived in small pieces.

Reality of Kuwait Airport

And Kuwait Airport, which is located 16km south of the city, was gradually approaching, and since it was night, the light of the city was clearly visible. Almost all the light is orange. What’s more, I don’t see many of them lined up in a straight line with squiggly lights. It’s dark overall, but I managed to land safely. From here, we are finally infiltrating Kuwait Airport.

 Generally dark

What surprises me when I arrive is the darkness inside the airport. There is no electricity seriously. That’s why it looks more suspicious, this airport. Savings? Lack of electricity? It’s night, so a light light off for those who are sleeping at the airport? I thought about it, but it’s still dark. It was built in 1928, so it feels like you’ve slipped back in time. In a slightly suspicious atmosphere, I searched for someone who could talk with peace of mind in order to calm myself down.

 Muslim men

And what I was really looking for was a woman. You can see all the men wearing disdashers in that area. However, when I asked about the appearance of the face, it was a face with some purity, or a modest atmosphere that was somewhat different from the Islamic men I saw in other Arab powers, even in this short time. I feel that Kuwait is a small and peaceful country. Anyway, I wondered if there was a woman in clothes, wandering around the airport. I had four hours to transfer, so I wanted to find a safe and relaxing place. Somehow, while I was a little out of control, I was surrounded by men and I was wondering if my valuables would be stolen. I was a little relieved because there were some Asian women and backpackers from the West near the boarding gate for Bangkok. However, there wasn’t much space to relax, so I had no choice but to go find another place. While wandering around the airport, I found a slightly bright corridor, so I decided to sit there and inform my father. I’m alive. I was able to spend the rest of my time without any problems, and when I went to the boarding gate again, many Thai-like women and Westerners were there. Oh, I’m glad. It feels like I’ve returned home for the first time in a while. In this way, I was able to return to Bangkok on a plain but unconventional plane again.

Safety is priority

It’s strange and anxious to fly on a lesser-known airline. Even though I’m used to traveling, I was thrilled by the atmosphere that was a little different from usual, but this is the good point of traveling. However, be careful not to land at airports in war-torn countries or use airlines with many accidents.


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