You Have to Change the Way to Study for TOEIC based on the Scores You Want!!

In these days, companies require their workers to have high English ability, proving as TOEIC. Some require 600 scores but on the other hand, some do require 800. TOEIC will be definitely important and company will keep demanding you to have high score.. Today, I will tell you how to prove your TOEIC scores.

Only TOEIC, but still TOEIC

There are various ways to study TOEIC and it depends on people. Each person needs to introduce their own best ways.

 Let’s study for TOEIC!!

Do you have to study for TOEIC if you want to improve it. If you already have a native English speaker level, maybe you don’t need to study. But if you want to improve their scores, many of them can do that by starting. If you study, improving 100 or 200 scores is not that difficult.

 Just because you live in other countries, it doesn’t mean you can get good scores…

Though TOEIC is important to evaluate your English level, the reality of TOEIC scores and real English ability is very different. If you have lived in other countries for business or study, acquire speaking or writing easily. This is called output. However, TOEIC requires your listening and reading skills. Questions you get are also not casual conversation English but official English for exam.

 Still TOEIC is important

Some people, especially those who live in other countries, think TOEIC scores don’t really matter because it has nothing to do with their speaking level. However, if you get higher scores in TOEIC, that means you already have basic English skills so you can get used to foreign environment easily if you need to go to other countries. Course, some people say it’s not English you can use in real days but still, if you have higher scores in TOEIC, that means you study English so hard so you should be proud of it.

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You want 600? or 900?

TOEIC has already there ways to ask you questions so if you all get used to it, you should be able to lift up your scores. Which means, if you introduce the not right way to study, you can never boost your scores.

 If you want 600, you have to give up some questions!!

I don’t think it is, you have to decide how much scores you want, people who want 600 and 900 need to studies differently. If you want to get 600, you might have to give up long phrases for listening or reading phrases you don’t really understand. If you give up some parts, you can spend your time for where you can understand. This way, you can improve your scores. Those who want to get 600 usually spend forever four more difficult questions and they tend to make mistakes at where you can actually understand, therefore, you have to distinguish which questions to focus or not.

 If you want 900, make it quick!!

If you want to 900, you just have to get used to the exam. If you already can get 990, it’s not a problem. But if you want to get around to 900, time is what you need to focus. If you already have this level, you should be able to get scores constantly in listening so probably you have to focus on reading more. I heard it’s possible to get full scores in listening even though you make a mistake so if you have higher English level, you should focus on listening as well.

You keep practicing grammatical phrases, you should be able to get used to the exam and solve the questions quickly. If you still have problems and long phrases reading, you also need to get used to guessing.

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Having high scores in TOEIC is good!!

Nowadays, TOEIC scores might be decisive for your promotion or foreign business, you need to focus on improving your scores not only being able to speak English, it will give you a lot of advantages.

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